"My goal is to provide quality enrichment, therapeutic growth and opportunities
for individuals of the Mainline Community." Edward P. Darrah, M.A., LPC, NCC

The cornerstone of my counseling practice focuses on the Client-Centered approach. I believe a healthy therapeutic relationship between my clients and myself is critical. I feel that a comfortable, open environment is paramount for individuals to rediscover, understand and blossom to their highest potential.

Counseling should be a team effort, a clear balance between clinician and individual, working together to achieve attainable goals while conquering life's challenging obstacles. My eclectic style allows me to work with all individuals, no matter their age, gender or ethnicity on a variety of mental health issues.

We all learn and process information differently. Similarly, counseling from different modalities allows the client and myself to create a specific therapeutic plan that best fits each individual. I feel therapeutic plans that focus on an individual's strengths leads to a more effective and successful journey through therapy.

No one should feel alone when working through personal or mental health issues. Please contact me today to schedule an appointment and begin working towards achieving your full potential.